Tarot and Numerology readings in Amsterdam (in EN, NL & IT).
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My name is Nicoletta Tavella, White Crystal Woman. I was born and raised in Italy where I started to study the Tarot when I was seventeen. Since 1986 I live in The Netherlands where I've studied several philosophies and healing techniques such as Cherokee Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal therapy, Zen Shiatsu, Physiognomics (Chinese Face Reading) and Skenar therapy. All this has enriched my life with experiences and knowledge that I can use on a daily basis and that give extra depth to my readings. In 2004 and 2006 I further developed my Tarot skills studying with Christopher Beaver in the United States. Christopher is a big Tarot expert and a very wise and experienced teacher. 

Reading the Tarot is one of my biggest passions. When I do a reading I feel a privileged and happy person. I also give Italian cooking courses and workshops (see www.cucinadelsole.nl) and I write about food and wine. Further to that I’ve been an interpreter/translator for 15 years and I regularly work as a professional Italian voice-over. I speak Italian, Dutch and English fluently.
My way of reading the Tarot is free from future-telling interpretations. I believe in the idea that we all constantly create our future with our own choices, thoughts and beliefs. What I do with my work is to help people understand patterns and situations so that they can choose more consciously and with a serene mind what their next steps will be. This way they'll be able to "co-create" the best possible future.


Tarot cards are very old archetypes that people have been consulting for ages to find answers to all sorts of life-related questions. The strong symbolism of the Tarot cards stimulates the natural intuition of the reader who then “translates” these images and thoughts into clear language. This way the consultant can understand what the answer to her/his question is. The Cards represent the answer of the Universe to the consultant's question and the reader, who speaks the "language" of the Cards, works like an "interpreter".
A Tarot reading is a “snapshot” of the present situation. It shows you where you come from, where you are right now on your personal path and what the possibilities for the future are.
A reading can help you understand your attitude towards a certain situation and often offers the solution to blockages, old patterns and unnecessary belief systems that prevent you from expressing yourself in the way you would really like and to manifest the life you really want.

Please note, I do not do readings on health issues.


There might be moments in your life in which you cannot find clarity of mind because of the many thoughts that keep you busy, or because your understanding of the situation is cluttered by your own patterns, biased view of things, beliefs and expectations. You could be asking yourself: "Is this the right moment to look for a new job?" or "What can I do to get what I need in my relationship?" or: "I’m stuck in a certain situation. How can I break through it and transform this pattern into a positive trend?". A reading helps you get more clarity in this type of situations.

If you’re stuck, you often cannot see the bigger picture but only certain aspects of the situation (tunnel vision). 

A reading allows you to look at where you stand from a 360° point of view, thus giving you the chance to understand the circumstances better and to find the best possible solutions. A reading lets you examine some aspects of your existence in a much more conscious and responsible way and to detect the so-called “blind spots” in your life. It can also serve as a confirmation of what you already knew or thought was the right path to follow, for example when you think you’re already making the best choices and just need that little extra push to move further.
And that's where I can help you, with my Cards and my very well developed intuition.

Of course I guarantee maximum discretion. Everything we say in my office stays between us.

A personal reading costs € 65,00
and lasts about 1 ½  hour.

A relationship reading (2 people) costs € 85,00
and lasts about 1 ½  hour.
For group fees please ask a quotation by mail.


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Warmondstraat 180
(c/o Cooking School
La Cucina del Sole)
1058 LC Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: 06 54 650 239

From outside
The Netherlands:

+ 31 6 54 650 239


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Personal, "face to face" readings are my favourite ones and yet it is possible to book a phone (fixed line) or Skype, for example if you don't have the possibility to come to my studio in Amsterdam. It works like this: we make an appointment (at least a few days after our first contact to make sure that there is enough time to process your payment) and in the meantime you can issue a payment order to be accredited on my account after receiving my invoice.