August 31, Today's Card

Today's card, the Six of Wands, announces a victory, big or small. We're feeling it inside and we're also seeing it acknowledged by others too. What we have been working for is showing its results. We feel that the hard work we did is bringing the recognition we deserve. It is very important though to not let this go to our heads: being humble and realistic is still a fundamental requirement to be able to enjoy what we have manifested without becoming arrogant and aloof. So let's keep up the good work and expand our horizon while enjoying this precious moment, sharing it with loved ones, if possible. There's more to do and to achieve and though a bit of rest is ok let's remember that it's no

August 30, Todays' Card

Today's card, the Oystercatcher from the Animal Dreaming oracle cards, has a beautiful message for us, as dazzling as a pearl shining half hidden in its oyster. What is the shiny pearl that we aren't daring to show to the rest of the world yet? Are we afraid of displaying our inner beauty or simply a part of ourselves for fear of being judged by others? If the answer is yes then it's time to acknowledge our true selves and to honour that part of our lives that we haven't quite dared to give recognition to yet. And to fully embrace something which has always been inside of us and we haven't dared to accept and acknowledge completely until now. May the Oystercatcher's energy support us in doin

August 17, Today's Card

Today's card, the Ten of Water from the Da Vinci Enigma #Tarot makes me think of a façade, the one we put up when we want others to think everything's fine with us when it actually isn't, or not completely. It tells me of the issues we haven't dealt with or those that are half-solved. What is it that it's not completely taken care of? Which kind of "knots" in our souls haven't we untied yet? Where does that feeling of not being able to relax and enjoy a bountiful life come from? Maybe it's time to take care of the little big 'flies' that spoil our beautiful meal flying on our food. Like our thoughts, we can try to chase them away but they will stay to bother us until we open all the windows

August 16, Today's Card

Today's card, The Moon from Sabrina Tacci's beautiful deck, addresses our emotions and impulses and it's a good idea to check what might be stuck in that area. Relationships is what comes to mind right now. Love-related and also general ones: what could be blocked there? Are we trying to avoid certain confrontations or even, in a way, entirely refusing relationships? What is it that makes us doubt? It could be we're afraid or reliving certain situations from the past or we don't feel 'ready' for love or for getting too close to someone. Whichever reason, it's a good idea to really think and meditate about our doubts and insecurities so that we can get unstuck and move further, having full fa

August 15, Today's Card

Today's card, The Fool, speaks about responsibilities and other important things that we we might not be taking into sufficient consideration. Maybe we want change but we're afraid of it and we're not doing enough to make sure it occurs smoothly and easily. Maybe we are so worried about what is going on in our lives that we forget to lighten up a bit, and take things a little too seriously and personally. It could be either/or, or both. The Fool is there to remind us that there has to be a good balance between taking care of important things and not letting them become a source of stress and preoccupation. Are you willing to take some risks to change the things you don't like? If not, maybe

August 12-13, Weekend's Cards

The cards for this weekend are making us reflect upon our current situation. We might feel tired and resourcefulness, maybe even think we're right at the end of a phase and we're not really sure about what to do next. It could be that we feel no excitement or further motivation and that our expectations are everything but thrilling, that something we were wishing for didn't really come full circle and that there is a bit of disappointment in certain areas of our lives. This weekend offers us the chance to stop, rest, meditate and think about what to do next. If we don't feel like we are using all our all our talents and resources and we feel a bit lost it is a good idea to reconnect with our

August 11, Today's Card

Today's card is from a deck that I've never really used before because of a little bit of prejudice from my side. I've always found the Lenormand cards a bit too 'gipsy' for my taste but now I know it's just how you use the instruments you have at your disposal, not what they look like. My wise Tarot teacher once told me that you can even read beer coasters if you have nothing else to read with. That is so true because sometimes I start reading people even before we even shuffle the cards. 🙃And what a lovely reward for getting over my prejudice with this beautiful card! Today's message is: the sky isn't even the limit because there are no limits, the possibilities are really infinite. We ca

August 10, Today's Card

Today's card, Work from the Psy Cards deck, reminds us to focus on our work and on how that reflects on our sense of identity. Do we really like what we do or do we just see it as something that is necessary to earn a living? Do we feel part of a big machine that crushes our individuality or do we have the possibility to show and use our uniqueness and talents? Do we identify with our job, our company, our working environment? Is that something that - we think - defines us? Maybe it's time to reflect on this. We are not our work and our work is not us. What we do is just one of the many facets of who we are. If we don't like what we do, or don't like it completely, it might be time for a cha

August 9, Today's Card

Today's card. The Cardinal from Steven D. Farmer's deck, addresses the imbalances between our mundane life and our spiritual one. One of the two has a more important role in our lives, right now, while both should be in perfect balance. We are either too busy with our idea of spirituality and are forgetting our physical part (taking good care of ourselves is a must, especially now!) or we're too taken by the practical matters and are neglecting our soul's nourishment. It's important to examine where the imbalances are and how they manifest, and to take action. Even if you're very busy with your daily chores a 10 minute meditation can bring you back in touch with your spiritual part. Wear cry

8-8-2017: today's number, the Eight

Today the number 8 is everywhere: 8+8+2017 is 8 and we can really feel the strength and the power of this number. Beautifully rounded like the sweet life we are living - or we're working hard to achieve - and full of energy. It's a day of accomplishing things and of taking care of unfinished business. Of clearing our path and our surroundings of things (and maybe even people) who don't have a real meaning or function in our lives. Another space clearing sign like in readings from previous days that, together with the strong influences of this full moon, indicates it's time to prepare for something new, something big, and totally go for it. #numerology #numerologia #numbers #houseoftarot #ilo

August 8, Today's Card

Today's card, the Ace of Pentacles, is the perfect companion for today's number, the 8. It's a solid card with a very positive message. It tells us that we need to do some work to get where we want to get, that our attention and intention are necessary to obtain the wonderful results that we are dreaming of. It's a sign that we are busy with long-term projects, new beginnings, something quite big like planning to buy a house, starting our own business or preparing for an important occasion or event. It is a great time to take care of our finances, our home and our own health and well-being. A new cycle is beginning, a very good one, full of great things that need our energy and attention. An

August 7, Today's Card

Today's card, the Mystic from Caroline Myss' Archetype Cards, lets us reflect upon our relationship with the Divine. Are we 100% in it or are we just pretending we are, from time to time? Are we part-time spiritual beings or do we feel our connection with the Divine in every moment of our lives? Can we make the time to meditate every day and to take care of our soul, our crystals, our cards and our other spiritual 'instruments' like feathers, drums, singing bowls and so forth? Do we cleanse and smudge them regularly or just once or twice a year? Today it's important to assess how our spirituality manifests itself and to take care of our spiritual side more than ever. That includes giving som

August 4, Today's Card

Today's card, the Page of Swords, is a sign of renewed enthusiasm, maybe even of a brilliant idea. Is there anything you want to bring out into the world? If that is the case then you will clearly see how to do that and you will be helped in doing it. Things will clear up and become easier but you have to keep your enthusiasm high and work for the results you want to obtain. Make sure you act and do it between now and the next 14 days. A little bit of freshness and enthusiasm might enter your world today, and that is so very needed since it's always good to feel motivated and to have the prospect of new, great things happening. Have a sparkling day! #cardoftheday #tarot #cards #tarotista #ta

Aug. 3, Today's card

Today's card, the Page of Wands from W. Vance & J. van Hamme's "XIII" #Tarot deck, talks us about some renewed feeling of passion and motivation, and also about discipline - or the lack thereof. It could be that we're feeling inspired and that we have great ideas but that we do not have the discipline to put them out there, to make them become reality. All great ideas need the hard work that is necessary to transform them from mere thoughts into something real. Dreaming up beautiful plans is not enough to make them become true, so some effort is needed from our part. Maybe it's just a matter of starting something with the intention to finish it, or to complete something we haven't completed

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