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August 16, Today's Card

Today's card, The Moon from Sabrina Tacci's beautiful deck, addresses our emotions and impulses and it's a good idea to check what might be stuck in that area. Relationships is what comes to mind right now. Love-related and also general ones: what could be blocked there? Are we trying to avoid certain confrontations or even, in a way, entirely refusing relationships? What is it that makes us doubt? It could be we're afraid or reliving certain situations from the past or we don't feel 'ready' for love or for getting too close to someone. Whichever reason, it's a good idea to really think and meditate about our doubts and insecurities so that we can get unstuck and move further, having full faith in the fact that things are going to be good if we dare to leave indecisions behind. Have a love-filled day. 💜#cards #tarot #tarocchi #tarotlove #tarotista #tarotgram #tarotcards #cardoftheday #kaarten #kaartvandedag #cartadelgiorno #houseoftarot

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