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13 September, Today's Card

Today's card, the Knight of Swords, is again a sign that times are changing for us, whether we like it or not, and that change is necessary. What are the aspects of our lives that are not working as they should? Do we need help in understanding this to sort things out? Maybe it's a good idea to ask a counsellor, a coach or someone we trust for advice to help us eliminate doubts and uncertainty. It's not the right time for impulsive decisions, this is a period that requires some serious analysis accompanied by focused action. It could be that we feel blocked on some level, or quite ungrounded. If you feel like your head is up in the air and it's difficult for you to see clearly what to do and where to go you might want to consider carrying a grounding stone with you, a crystal that helps you clear your energy and stay with your feet steadily planted on Mother Earth. A labradorite like the heart-shaped one in this picture can help. Today I'm wearing labradorite pendant, earrings & ring because I really feel a bit spaced out by the changes going on in my life and by the atmospheric aspects - lots of wind, here in The Netherlands. I see it as a metaphor for the wind of change that is sweeping all over the planet. Time to make clarity about our next steps, personally and as a community. Today individuality is very welcome as long as it's used not only to benefit ourselves but also those who surround us. Have a grounded day. #tarot #cards #tarotcards #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcardoftheday #cardoftheday #cartadelgiorno #kaartvandedag #tarotkaartvddag #crystals #rosequartz #labradorite #aquamarine #knightofswords

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