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15 September, Today's Card

Today's card is Foundation from one of the decks most dear to my heart, the wonderful Journey Deck created by my Tarot teacher Christopher Beaver. It's an incredibly beautiful and detailed deck with 38 cards illustrated by Nancy B. Frank. The book that comes with it explains the meaning of each card, also in reverse, and contains a meditation for each one of them. Today's message has to do with self acceptance and with the knowledge that we are loved and supported by the Universe on every moment of our lives. It relates to our sense of self worth which probably needs to be strengthened, right now, and with our grounding. Being connected to Mother Earth is extremely important for our self-esteem so today it's a good idea to take a mindful walk in nature enjoying every step we take and our surroundings, feeling our feet steadily connected to the Earth every time they 'meet' the ground so that we consciously acknowledge and honour our deep relationship with her. Have a blessed day. #cards #cardoftheday #crystals #journeydeck #christopherbeaver #kaartvandedag #cartadelgiorno #grounding #smokeyquartz #citrine #citrinequartz #turtle #spiritanimal

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