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Taroscopes - February 2021

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

ARIES, 6 of Pentacles:

Dear Aries, your month looks like a beautiful box of tasty chocolates. But who are you, the one offering it or the one on the receiving end? Whichever side you’re on, it’s a good idea to find balance when there’s so much choc involved. Share it with others if you have plenty and request to get some if you’re just watching someone gobble up all those delicious bonbons by themselves. Don’t be ashamed to ask, if you want something. I know you can be quite proud and stubborn, but leave those feelings behind because they don’t help you at all. And you know what a wise Dutch proverb says? You already have a “no” (if you don’t ask) and you can always get a “Yes” if you do ask. So go for it! Should you be on the abundant side, don’t be afraid to inquire if others need some of your bounty and be happy to share it with them. So go get yourself some good quality chocolate - or anything that represents the joy chocolate brings - and start the tasting!

TAURUS, Ace of Pentacles:

My usually so cautious Taurean, this month feels like you’re totally ready to leave your vigilant ways behind and open your heart completely. Something quite unusual for you since you're choosy, I know, but… I have the feeling that you’re ready to jump. Into what? Well, er… love! El o vee ee!

Can you feel it already? That warm tingling between your heart and your stomach? (no, it’s not appetite, my lucullean friend, and you know exactly how that feels so don’t try to fool yourself just to open the fridge once again!) It seems like this month something is changing in your way of looking at life and you’re finally ready to open up and receive the gift of a new love if you’re alone, or of a renewed happy feeling if you’re already in a relationship. So enjoy, let go of your fears of not being good enough – you are much more than good! – and jump, my dear friend! You won’t regret it.

GEMINI, The Star:

This month you’re like a beacon of light, my darling Gemini: you attract others like the Sirens did with Ulysses and you allow your beauty (inner and outer) to glow without any shyness or restriction. Enjoy this feeling and make sure you also illuminate the path for those who are still searching for something, a certain quality you KNOW you already possess. “What is it?” you might ask. Wisdom? Knowledge, Humour? All of them? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. This month, more than ever, you're really aware of your talents and gifts. And if you can’t see them yet, make sure you stop for a second and ask this beautiful Star to shine her light on them so that you can acknowledge all the things that make you special and unique. Feel this uniqueness deeply and thoroughly. I know for sure it won’t get to your head, so bask in it. You’ll shed your light on others too and maybe, just maybe, you’ll show them how to let theirs shine as well. Have a luminous February!

CANCER, Knight of Pentacles (in reverse):

My lovely Crab, have you been running like a crazy horse, lately? Have you been trying to do your best yet obtaining no full satisfaction as a result of your efforts? It could very well be that you were doing TOO MUCH your best. That’s usually one of the main reasons why we don’t succeed as we should/could. This month, try to let go of expectations about the end results and take it easy. It’s a bit of a funny phase for you, you probably still have to do the best you can, but try and do it lightly, without stress or anxiety. Don’t anticipate too much the goals you want to achieve, do what you’re doing as if you were doing it for fun, and not because you want to obtain something. Having no result-based expectations will make you flow through life a lot more easily and the rewards come faster and almost effortlessly. May you go with the flow, my friend!

Leo, 2 of Swords:

My usually fierce Leo, why is your wild roar sounding a tone lower, this month? Why do you feel like you cannot properly judge what’s good for you and thus postpone – or totally avoid – making choices and taking decisions? Know that part of your great strength lies in your ability to choose freely and to move forward with big, agile steps, and that making no choices means staying where you are, which is something you don’t really want right now! So be as brave as you usually are and look at the situation that makes you so insecure straight in the eyes: you’ll see that it’s just a little mouse dressed up as a fierce dragon, ready to “deflate” once you expose its mask. Like that, you’ll immediately regain your boisterous self-confidence and will happily start to bounce forward in total Lion style. Have a wonderful, energetic February, my darling!

VIRGO, Page of Cups:

This month there might be a joyous little bounce in your step, my lovely Friend. Can you feel it? Can you sense this fresh, tingling feeling sprouting in your heart like a little February snowdrop popping from under a tree? Cherish it, because it’s going to bring you lots of joy as you focus on the loving part of your life and give less and less attention to what has made you worry in the recent past. This month you’re going to be a bringer of light and joy and this will create little miracles inside of you: you might even think of changing your path, your life or your career to follow this loving new road! I know you usually love to prepare everything meticulously, but trust your heart and stay open for surprises: you won’t be disappointed. This month’s word for you is: Joy. Feel it, practice it, give it, receive it and cherish it. It will be the gift that keeps on giving. Have a joyous month!

LIBRA, The Sun:

Oh yes, baby! Can you feel the force? (listen to this old song by The Real Thing to feel it even more!) This month is a concentrated energy parade during which you’ll have all the chances to show what you’re made of and all your talents. Are you ready for it? Can you leave your somewhat timid self behind for a while and dare to be under the spotlight? Yes, you can!

I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it too. After all, all Libras have a little narcissistic and a tad exhibitionistic side to them. Time to use it in a positive, constructive way: the world is ready to see who you really are, without veils and in all your beauty. Enjoy these moments with childlike excitement and use them to grow more and more confident in who you are and what you’ve achieved till now. It will have a great effect on the rest of your life too, especially your relationships, making you more approachable and fun to be with.

SCORPIO, 7 of Swords (in reverse):

You love being mysterious, my intense Scorpio friend, but I think this month you’ll learn how to be more open and less private than you usually are, actually enjoying showing parts of your character that you normally keep just for yourself and no one else. You will see that being straightforward and accessible can actually be very rewarding. Some of your fears of not being liked or not looking cool enough if you don’t keep that imperturbable mask on your face will dissolve like snow in the pale February sun, and the ice will melt inside too. You’ll feel freer and a lot more available for frank discussions with your loved ones, which in turn will bring more harmony to your familiar and relational situations. So keep your heart open and your tongue loving yet sincere, and you’ll really see the positive results of your candidness. Which, for a Scorpio, could be quite a pleasant surprise.

SAGITTARIUS, The Wheel (in reverse):

What’s been driving you crazy lately, my beautiful and fierce Horseman/Horsewoman? What’s been giving you the feeling you were inside the centrifuge of the washing machine, running like a little hamster in its wheel? I guess the answer is: you! Could it be you’ve been spinning too much, doing too many things and trying to multitask so hard that you’re now feeling exhausted? This month, try to take it easy and to rest a little, if you can. You’ve deserved it and it’ll do you good. You can’t keep on running all the time without recharging your battery so think of this month as a little power station for you personal energy. Meditate, read, journal, do all the things a Sag normally does not do because too busy being busy. And breathe. BREATHE. Deep, slow breaths with your eyes closed that will bring you back to… you. Have a slow, deep, wonderful month, my lovely.

CAPRICORN, Ace of Swords (in reverse):

There’s a voice inside you, my dear Capricorn, that is telling you it’s time to see certain things, to understand certain concepts and to go deeper in the comprehension of specific subjects. Something which you don’t seem to be wanting to do. At least… until today. Maybe it’s time to stop looking away and to really face the facts and see that they’re not as threatening as you thought they were. What do you have to lose? Let me tell you: nothing. You’ll only gain more clarity and insights about yourself (first and foremost) and about life in general. Something which seems to keep your mind busy quite a lot, lately. You want to understand how things REALLY work but, at the same time, you don’t want that, afraid of seeing stuff you will not like. You have nothing to worry: life is actually looking pretty swell for you as long as you dare to look at it for what it is. May your inner spectacles be all clean and shiny this month, my dear!

AQUARIUS, 5 of Swords (in reverse):

I think you’re feeling different this month, Aquarius. Could it be you’ve temporarily lost the will to be constantly cool and crave human contact and warmth instead? I guess you’re realizing that being with those you really love is important, and that nothing can take its place, even though you usually have no problems with being alone. So don’t be afraid of showing it and asking for what you want. If you wish to share more moments together with those who are important for you, just say it. It will do you good and it will help that thin, sugar-like coating of ice that lately has been enveloping your heart melt away completely. Time to thaw and feel the warmth, even if it’s only February! Have a wonderful month, my Coolest Baby Of All.

PISCES, 4 of Pentacles (in reverse):

I get a sense of you finally letting go of certain practical worries, my slippery friend. Could it be you’ve learnt how to see the glass as half full instead of half empty? Please, tell me I’m right! (you know I love to hear that) 😉

I guess you’ve also recently discovered that tightly squeezing the ones you love in your sticky little octopus tentacles doesn’t really help you to keep them around. On the contrary, it makes them run away. Doesn’t it feel sooo much better, my dear Pisces, to be more relaxed and to trust that what’s yours will stay yours until it’s time to let it go? And that, when that time comes, you’ll be totally willing to change and find new things and people and places to love? Focus on this, during these four weeks, and your life will get a lot more exciting. You’ll meet new people, get new, brilliant opportunities and experience a lot more happiness. Enjoy!

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