Taroscopes - February 2021

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

ARIES, 6 of Pentacles:

Dear Aries, your month looks like a beautiful box of tasty chocolates. But who are you, the one offering it or the one on the receiving end? Whichever side you’re on, it’s a good idea to find balance when there’s so much choc involved. Share it with others if you have plenty and request to get some if you’re just watching someone gobble up all those delicious bonbons by themselves. Don’t be ashamed to ask, if you want something. I know you can be quite proud and stubborn, but leave those feelings behind because they don’t help you at all. And you know what a wise Dutch proverb says? You already have a “no” (if you don’t ask) and you can always get a “Yes” if you do ask. So go for it! Should you be on the abundant side, don’t be afraid to inquire if others need some of your bounty and be happy to share it with them. So go get yourself some good quality chocolate - or anything that represents the joy chocolate brings - and start the tasting!

TAURUS, Ace of Pentacles:

My usually so cautious Taurean, this month feels like you’re totally ready to leave your vigilant ways behind and open your heart completely. Something quite unusual for you since you're choosy, I know, but… I have the feeling that you’re ready to jump. Into what? Well, er… love! El o vee ee!

Can you feel it already? That warm tingling between your heart and your stomach? (no, it’s not appetite, my lucullean friend, and you know exactly how that feels so don’t try to fool yourself just to open the fridge once again!) It seems like this month something is changing in your way of looking at life and you’re finally ready to open up and receive the gift of a new love if you’re alone, or of a renewed happy feeling if you’re already in a relationship. So enjoy, let go of your fears of not being good enough – you are much more than good! – and jump, my dear friend! You won’t regret it.

GEMINI, The Star:

This month you’re like a beacon of light, my darling Gemini: you attract others like the Sirens did with Ulysses and you allow your beauty (inner and outer) to glow without any shyness or restriction. Enjoy this feeling and make sure you also illuminate the path for those who are still searching for something, a certain quality you KNOW you already possess. “What is it?” you might ask. Wisdom? Knowledge, Humour? All of them? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. This month, more than ever, you're really aware of your talents and gifts. And if you can’t see them yet, make sure you stop for a second and ask this beautiful Star to shine her light on them so that you can acknowledge all the things that make you special and unique. Feel this uniqueness deeply and thoroughly. I know for sure it won’t get to your head, so bask in it. You’ll shed