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Celestite or Celestine is a beautiful, delicate crystal that promotes serenity thanks to its calming and uplifting energy. It's perfect for meditating and for getting in touch with Angels and Spirit Guides. If you have sleeping problems, put one next to your bed and feel how soothing and calming its energy is. Celestite also promotes harmony and clear, compassionate and loving communication (throat Chakra). Should you experience relationship problems, meditate with it and ask it to show you a loving solution to your challenges.
Do you need more trust in the Universe? Use Celestite to help you with that.
This crystal is perfect for children's rooms because of its relaxing and sleep-promoting qualities.

Dimensions: 3-3,5 cm

Celestite Cluster

SKU: 017
  • Celestite is a very delicate crystal so do not use water to cleanse it. You can clear it with smoke (white sage or red cedar). You can also place it under the moon or the sun. You can also easily recharge it by placing it on a selenite charging plate.

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