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Big and beautiful, these Clear Quartz tumbled stones are perfect for meditating, calming your spirit after a busy day, or simply to look at. Yes, just looking at a Clear Quartz with intention, moving it between your fingers and holding it against the sunlight or a candle, can be an incredible meditative experience.
Clear Quartz is THE King of Crystals. The most popular and used of all for its beauty and  infinite healing properties. Use it to become crystal clear about what you want by asking it questions during a meditation: the Spirit of the Crystal will give you incredibly clear answers that you can trust. Or use it on your body when laying down for a restorative rest: it will absorb any unwanted energy and give you a wonderful feeling of calm and clarity.
It's also perfect for crystal grids and to amplify your intentions.


These crystals are between 6-8 cm and come in a cotton pouch.

Clear Quartz Touchstones

SKU: 030
  • Clear it regularly with white sage or palo santo smoke. Recharge for one night under the moonlight or for an hour in the sun.

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