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Big and beautiful, these Rose Quartz tumbled stones are wonderful calming crystals that help you feel more love for yourself, others and life. Perfect when you need a very gentle boost of self-confidence.

Use one of them during your meditation, or bring it with you in its cotton pouch to open your heart chakra to the loving vibes of the Universe.
You'll immediately feel the difference: its mellow energy will soften you and make you more harmonious, compassionate, sensual and friendly.

Perfect for attracting love, you can set your intention and charge your rose quartz to help you find the perfect lover or enhance your existing relationship.

Put it next to your bed and see it work its magic in your love life.

If you want to feel calmer and more loving, put it on your heart chakra and rest for a while, letting its loving energy work through you at every level.


These crystals are between 6-8 cm and come in a cotton pouch.

Rose Quartz Touchstones

SKU: 031
  • Clear it regularly with white sage or palo santo smoke. Recharge for one night under the moonlight or for half an hour in the sun.

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