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A bundle of White Sage (15-20 gr.) to smudge your crystals, your home and office plus your own aura. White Sage is an herb held sacred by Native Americans and it's been used in rituals and ceremonies for centuries. It is perfect for clearing away any heavy energies.
Light up your White Sage bundle and smudge (cleanse) yourself and your space first, then everything you want to clear. Sage has been proven to be antibacterial and antimicrobial and will definitely improve the energy of your spaces and sanitize themif you burn it regularly. It can help you cleanse your crystals and the stuff you buy before you use it (for example new and second hand objects). Inhale its beneficial smoke to clear your lungs and your mind. You can also order a set of Sage together with an Abalone shell that will keep it safe while burning it together with this bundle as an extra one.

White Sage bundle

SKU: 014
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