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Tourmaline is an amazing grounding stone and these beautiful touchstones are of incredible quality. Look at them and feel their power: once you hold them in your hand or use them for a crystal grid you'll harness the grounding and manifesting power of the Universe in a flash.
Tourmaline protects your energy like few other crystals (shungite is another one of them) and eliminate negative one from your environment. Wear it in a pouch indise your pocket or bra, bring it with you or leave it next to your computer or on your bedside table. It will absorbe negativity like a sponge and you will feel less tired and a lot more serene.


These crystals are 5-7 cm. They come in a cotton pouch.



SKU: 029
  • You can cleanse your tourmaline with white sage and recharge it under the moon (1 whole night) or on a selenite slab.

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