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Voucher valid for 1 Tarot & Numerology reading for 1 person.

Voucher for 1 Tarot & Numerology reading

SKU: 002
  • The voucher can be used to book a Tarot & Numerology reading. Valid one year from purchase date.

    You can give it as a present and the person who receives it will be able to redeem 1 Tarot and Numerology reading on a date of choice (please tell them to check availability calling +31 6 54650239 or writing a message to
    The voucher can be received printed on paper by mail or in digital form by email. Please remember to mention your email or snail mail address. If you want us to customize it with the name of the receiver or any other way, please let us know, thank you.

  • Please remember to leave your snail mail address or email address for receiving the voucher, thx.

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