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Perfect to bring serenity during your meditation or while you sleep or work, these beautiful big touchstones are incredibly delicate in colour. The soothing energy of Blue Calcite is perfect if you're looking for a crystal that can help you relax. Are you always in a hurry and/or working hard? Spend 15 minutes meditating or doing breathwork with this wonderful crystal and you'll feel a lot calmer. You can also put it next to your bed to improve the quality of your sleep. It's perfect for children's rooms too!

All the crystals in my shop have been personally selected by me. I intuitively choose the right ones for you and then cleanse them physically and energetically so that they're sparkly and shiny, ready for you to "imprint" them with your own energy.

I send them to you in a cotton pouch to protect them and make it easy to carry around, plus a list of properties and instructions on how to use and cleanse.
Crystals size: between 6 and 8 cm.

Blue Calcite Touchstones

SKU: 028
  • Blue Calcite requires very little attentions: simply wash it with water and a hint of gentle, natural soap (no harsh chemicals, please!), dry it and "smoke" it with some white sage or palo santo incense. Recharge regularly on a selenite charging plate or under the moonlight for a whole night. It's better to avoind charging it with sunlight unless it's for a very short time.

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