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The Golden Triangle is a sacred combination of three of the most magical crystals available: Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Use these three beautiful crystals to improve the energy of your home or working place by placing them in a bowl, on a plate or simply on a piece of furniture where they can show their beauty and do their magic. After welcoming them in your life and home, bless and cleanse them with some white sage or palo santo smoke, then set your intention for them to manifest what it is that you want them to help you with. Once you've "imprinted" them with your energy and wishes, they're ready to show all their magic!
You can also use them to help you calm and relax by placing them on your body while you're resting. Have a 15 minutes rest or meditation lying down with the Amethyst on your third eye, the Rose Quartz on your heart and the Clear Quartz on your solar plexus and after that you'll feel totally relaxed and full of clarity.
AMETHYST: inhances your vision and intuition, and brings you closer to your spiritual self.

CLEAR QUARTZ: the King of Crystals gives you clarity and keeps you grounded.

ROSE QUARTZ: opens up your heart for (self-)love, compassion, beauty and kindness.

They come in a cotton pouch with instructions on cleansing and charging.

You can also carry them on you inside the pouch, for example putting them in your bra or pocket, for constant energy and loving protection.


Golden Triangle Crystals

SKU: 027
  • These crystals will need to be cleansed and recharged regularly. Cleanse with white sage or palo santo smoke.
    Recharge them by placing them one night under the moonlight, putting them briefly under the ground in your garden or keeping them in the sun for half an hour. You can also use a selenite charging plate.

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