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These lovely Rose Quartz Bottle Pendants are attached to a soft black leather-look cord and make the perfect little gift for a friend who needs some extra love or - why not? - for yourself. Open up your heart for love by wearing this gently powerful crystal right on your fourth chakra. Pink is one of the colours associated to the Heart Chakra and the softness of the colour, associated with the crystal clear clarity of Quartz, helps to receive and give love in a pure, unconditional way. Perfect if you lack self-love and self-confidence, if you're looking for love or if you want to be more gentle and compassionate with yourself and others. If you tend to be too demanding and severe, Rose Quartz helps you to soften up and see the beauty and lovingness in yourself and others.

This bottle requires very simple care: wash with natural soap and water from time to time (make sure you avoid the cork and the cord) and smudge with a little white sage from time to time. Recharge the Quartz regularly (once a month will do) by leaving it one night under the moonlight or max. 1 hour in the sun. You can also use a selenite charging plate.


Rose Quartz Bottle Necklace

SKU: 026
  • You can cleanse this bottle with smoke (sage or red cedar). You can also recharge it by placing it on a selenite charging plate.

  • To reinforce your loving vibes you can also order a Magic Crystal Set "Love" to add a pinch of magic to your intention.

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