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Selenite is an incredibly magical crystal that feels like liquid light. Perfect for Moon Meditations and Rituals, this beautiful white crystal has the power to cleanse and purify both your aura and the environment in which you dwell. Put a Selenite Tower next to your bed to promote good sleep and protection. Selenite dispels heavy energies and neutralizes them so that you don't have to deal with their effects, plus it unblocks stagnant energy and lets it flow evenly and effortlessly. This crystal brings calmness, peace and mental clarity. It's a self-charging and self-cleansing stone so it needs little care. Just make sure you give it a good smudge with white sage from time to time and a beneficial moonlight bath every now and then.
These Selenite Towers are perfect for bedrooms, working spaces and living rooms to enhance harmony and peace.

12-14 cm. high.

Selenite Towers

SKU: 021
  • Please never use water or other liquids with Selenite since it's a very soft and delicate crystal.
    You can cleanse it with smoke (white sage or red cedar) and place it under the moonlight for one night.

  • For a playful display you can also order a small selenite tower and/or a selenite heart.

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