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Lovely little spheres (25 mm) to help protect your space.

Shungite comes from Karelia, a region in Russia. This mineral formed naturally more than two billion years ago from living single-cell organisms and it's being used for centuries. This amazing mineral contains fullerenes, the hollow carbon-based molecules that slow down the growth of cancer cells and the development of HIV.

Shungite is protective, healing, and detoxifying. It counteracts the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation from computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other electronic devices and appliances. Moeover, it's a natural antioxidant, immune booster, pain reliever, and allergen suppressant. Shungite has also been proven to purify and revitalize water. This amazing crystal can be used to protect your energy field, your home, your working space. Place one of more of these lovely spheres in any space inside a shell, on a holder or inside a bowl and experence their beneficial properties.
You can also intensify its protecitve work with a Shungite Pyramid and a Shungite Sticker for your mobile phone.

All the crystals in my shop have been personally selected by me. They can slightly differ from the ones showed in the photos since I intuitively choose the right ones for you and then clear them physically and energetically so that they're sparkly and shiny, ready for you to "imprint" them with your loving energy.

Shungite Spheres

SKU: 023
  • You can cleanse these specific crystals with smoke (sage or red cedar). You can also briefly immerse them in clear water, then rinse them, dry them and place them under the moon or the sun. You can also easily recharge them by placing them on a selenite charging plate. Shungite absorbs negative energies and needs to be cleared regularly.

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