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Garnet is associated to the Base Chakra and represents the perfect crystal for grounding if you feel "spaced out", tired and/or not capable of prpperly taking care of the basic chores in life.

It revitalises and balances your energy, heightening your passion and enthousiasm. It inspires love and devotion while also balancing and augmenting your sex drive. If you're single, it helps you attract a loving partner. It also brings courage and heightens your personal "fire" while opening your heart and giving you more self-confidence.

All in all, a wonderful crystal to own and to carry around, either in your bra, purse or pocket!

Garnet regenerates the body and improves the metabolism.  It purifies heart, lungs, blood and helps to regenerate the DNA. It is a crystal that boosts the immune system and your allround energy level.

You can use it in crystal grids to attract a loving partner or to help you ground and be strong together with other grounding and protecting crystals like Tourmaline and Clear Quartz.


These crystals are about 3 cm and come in a cotton pouch.

Tumbled Garnets

SKU: 032
  • Clear it regularly with white sage or palo santo smoke. Recharge for one night under the moonlight or for half an hour in the sun.

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