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NEW! Crystal sets in my webshop

As I child I was already fascinated by stones and crystals and I remember the joy when a friend of my Mom (bless her) gave me The Little Mineralogist as a first communion present. So many colourful and shiny stones inside that box! I LOVED it!

That love has perdured in all these years and when I received my first Shamanic name I was very pleased to hear it was White Crystal Woman.

After many years of using crystals for myself I finally decided it was time to share their beauty and wonderful properties with others too, so I created some beautiful little sets for Abundance, Love and Serenity that are now available in my webshop. All the stones have been personally chosen by me. I have cleared them physically and energetically so that they are ready to be "imprinted" with your own energy and come in little cardboard boxes with printed information on your crystals' properties and instructions on how to cleanse and charge them with serenity-inducing intentions, a few White Sage leaves to energetically clear your stones and a printed scheme to create a magical crystal grid to amplify their power. Check out my webshop, there might be some shiny beautiful crystals ready for you!

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