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3-Cards Reading 3-9 May 2021

This week’s cards: Queen of Swords, The Strength and The Sun (in reverse).

What a POWER this week! We start with the Queen of Swords whos' telling you to keep it cool, to not get sucked in by drama, negativity and the "news". You have everything you need (brains, intuition, inner and outer beauty, power!) to know - at a deep knowingness level - that everything is going exactly the way it's supposed to go and that you need not worry about possibile negative outcomes. You are STRONG! You can fight like a lion/ess when it's time to do so and nobody can take away what's yours, especially when you TRUST that you're supported and backed up from high above.

Don't worry, fighting won't be necessary, this week. :)

Just make sure you tackle all the tasks and situations that are presented to you in a cool, poised way. Real strength is not in shouting and waving your arms like a manic, but in knowing you're strong INSIDE.

In case you feel vulnerable to other people's energies, create a magic shield by wearing a labradorite crystal, or by smudging yourself regularly. You can also visualize a big quartz crystal around you that protects you from all unwanted influences. Remember: you're not a victim and nothing "happens" to you. You're always manifesting something that you believe in, even if it's from your subsconscious. So make sure you think and manifest as positively as you can. Use the affirmation "I am at peace" to promote tranquility and calm thinking which will help you in making the right choices.

During the weekend, seek the company of like-minded people: it's not good to be or feel alone and you actually never are: you're surrounded by your Spirit Guides, Angels and other benevolent beings, plus there's always someone you can talk to, even strangers: make sure you attune yourself to finding the right people and you will.

Have a kick-ass powerful week!

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