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3-Cards Reading Week 19-25 April 2021

This week’s cards: Death (in reverse), Four of Wands (in reverse) and The Empress (in reverse).

This week looks like you can do with a bit more positiveness. Are you resisting a necessary change? What is that you KNOW needs to be revised in your life, but you’re not so willing to let go of? Just think about it, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. Is it a relationship that doesn’t work anymore? Or a place you know isn’t the right one for you? A job that has lost its spark? Find what it is and surrender to change so that you can start to make the necessary steps to transform the situation into something a lot better. I promise you, change will get you to a much nicer place if you don’t resist it.

This week could also bring up a feeling of loneliness. Probably something you’ve experienced quite regularly, lately. Don’t let that make you gloomy but look for the company of a good friend, or simply open up your heart for meeting new people if you’re missing the right folk around you, right now. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing your attitude towards others: not everybody out there is an adversary trying to get something from you. There are plenty lovely people waiting to bet met and befriended. Maybe even a new lover. So don’t stay inside all alone feeling like a martyr but go outside, visit places where people gather and lower your protective shield. You’re going to discover that this type of vulnerability is quite positive since it will open you to lovely new connections. And take good care of yourself! Your body and mind will benefit from a detox (no alcohol, coffee and heavy foods) and/or more sports in the open air. Find what resonates with you and your sense of wellness and indulge in it!

Things will change very soon so stay positive and have a lovely week!

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