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3-Cards Reading 26 April-2 May 2021

This week’s cards: Page of Wands (in reverse), Ten of Wands (in reverse) and 5 of Cups (in reverse).

This week needs a little injection of energy and passion from your side. Have you let some of your projects die a natural death because of not putting enough intention and work into them? If that’s the case, invest some more time and energy in your plans and you’ll see the results you’re wishing for. Discipline might be required. Are you ready to find it inside of you, and to use it to manifest what you want?

It might cost a lot less effort than you expect, and doing things you had abandoned for a while will make you feel a lot lighter. Moreover, some of the weigh you carry (also for others!) will fall off your shoulders and you’ll be able to move further feeling somewhat energized. It has to come from you, though: you are the one who has to initiates the process of getting rid of some of the ballast you carry. So think about it: what is it that you don’t need any longer? Is it physical (think of clutter) or mental? Or both? Whatever it is, clear that from your life.

How can you do that? We’re going back to where we started, I guess: by taking a good look at all that’s not been done yet, and doing it. Stop procrastinating and get going!

Don’t worry about the time you lost, regretting is a waste of even more time. Just focus on the now and on what’s still there for you to do, to have and to love. Work on what’s still present and functioning, on the parts of you and of your situation that need healing, care, attention, decluttering. Concentrate on those with a positive attitude and everything will work out like magic.

Have a magical week!

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