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Taroscopes - May 2021

This month I'm using the Napolimania cards: a very thick deck of fun-based divination cards in Neapolitan dialect which turned out to be quite sharp in their responses the few times I've used them.

Since they're quite concise, May's readings are too. :)

ARIES, Pare difficile ma... se pò ffà!:

This month might look tougher than it is for you, my dear Aries, but give it a chance! It might turn out a lot easier than you expected.

Invest some of your energy in the things and people you care for and don’t let any challenging situations discourage you: go for what you want and you will be rewarded for your bravery and tenacity.

TAURUS, Cridece!!:

Believe in it! is what you’re being shouted at this month, darling Bull.

And what if the “thing” you have to believe in was… yourself?

This month you’re being invited to really trust in your talents, your capabilities, your beauty (inner and outer) and your strength. Yes, you can! And once you believe that, the world will be at your powerful feet.

GEMINI, Ata gente sta sotto a te:

This card is as cryptic as you are, my lovely Gemini friend: other people are under you.

What can that mean?

Are you feeling superior? Are you above all what’s going on in the world? It could be that right now you’re not interested in the petty things that are so capturing other people’s attention. And that’s great! That gives you an edge and makes you sharper and more focused on the things that really matter. So keep it like this all month long!

CANCER, Te può arrecrià!:

Has anything happened, lately, that made you everything but happy? Nothing really bad, but something which made you feel a bit blue or down?

If that’s been the case, know that this month gives you a chance to not only recover from it, but also to really start enjoying life fully again. Look outside (and inside): there’s so much good in and around you! Have a lovely month, my dear friend!

LEO, Fermate, siente e capisce!!:

Taking it easy during Taurus season is a good idea for you, my roaring friend: So avoid reacting like an enraged lion if something happens that you don’t really understand. Stop, feel and realize WHY that is happening, and what the life lesson is.

Getting in touch with your feelings will bring you wonderful a-ha! moments.

VIRGO, Nun ce penzà:

My darling Virgo, your mantra this month is: don’t think about it.

You have a tendency to reflect and ponder A LOT about everything and, sometimes, to be a bit removed from the here and now. This month avoid overthinking and LIVE!

How? By doing something that keeps you physically busy when you start to dwell on “useless” stuff. Sing! Go running! Dance! Change the bedsheets! Anything that keeps you away from your thoughts. And notice the difference! 😊

LIBRA, Dice a verità!!:

What have you been hiding, my Libra friend? Is there anything you haven’t been honest or true about, lately? If you feel there might be some veracity in that, make sure this month you stay completely transparent and honest to balance it out. Show who you are, what you think and how you feel: it might make you feel vulnerable but will bring real appreciation your way. And that’s something you really want, don’t you?

SCORPIO, Fatte aiutà ca ce a faie!!

Asking for help is not one of your stronger assets, I know, my dear Scorpio, but this month you’ll learn how to do it more often, and how sweet that can be. Maybe because some people will spontaneously offer their support. Or because you genuinely notice that together is better. Who knows. Let me know how it went, if you want!

SAGITTARIUS, Nu ce può fa’ niente!!:

This month, your main affirmation is: I let go.

Let go of what? you might ask. Of everything that you cannot do anything about, that you cannot change, that you actually maybe don’t even care for. Isn’t that a liberation? Think about it: you’re going to go through life with a much lighter step and you’re totally going to love it too. I’d say: try it!

CAPRICORN, ‘sta cosa nun me ‘a conta iusta!:

OK, what it is that you’re not admitting, not even to yourself? This month calls for clarity. If you notice you’re taking someone – yourself included – for a ride, stop and recap: what is true about the story you’re telling and what isn’t? You might discover that some of the things you thought were real and/or important actually are not. It’s like mental decluttering: you’ll feel great after you’ve had the courage to look at the garbage in your mind and you’ll get rid of it.

AQUARIUS, ‘sta cosa nu te ‘a può scurdà:

It looks like there’s something or someone you just cannot forget about. You’re totally fixated, and you waste your energy thinking and thinking about the “what ifs”. Let go of memories that belong to the past, my dear, and look at what’s in the here and now. You’ll have a lot more energy and life will seem nice(r) again!

PISCES, nun te fa’ piglià!:

I know you’re not exactly the cool, calm and collected type but this month you really need to become it, even if for just a while. Which means: don’t let the craziness of the world around you make you crazy too. You can elegantly slip away from it, just like a fish in the tranquil pond that is your mind when you use a calming mantra (“I am always calm and relaxed”, for example) and breathe deeply.

Have a zen month!

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