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3-Cards Reading for Week 12-18 April 2021

This week I’m using again a Lenormand deck and the cards are: 30 Lilies, 36 Cross and 21 Mountain.

Wisdom, integrity and clarity are a great gift. Right now, you’re being blessed with all three qualities. At the beginning of this week make sure you use your intelligence for genuine purposes only. No cheating, no choosing the easiest way over the most difficult (but way better) one, no saying anything bad about others. Be genuine and reliable, and that will reflect upon you by heightening your sense of self-worth. Around midweek you might feel a stronger need for spirituality and that’s because having a pure heart brings up a craving for what’s deep and meaningful. Such a beautiful thing to feel! It’ll give you a sense of renewed purpose and will also result in more approval from others. Connect to nature whenever you can, dwell in it, and let it heal those parts of you that need soothing. The end of the week will bring you a renewed sense of purity, like a breath of fresh air. Only go for the best and you’ll see the results, even if that means having to work hard, either on yourself and your personal growth or on you professional situation. Effort needs not be something that scares you, right now: you’re used to working relentlessly to reach your goals and you know your determination always yields great results. And those are the only ones you want and deserve, right now.

Have a blessed week!

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