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August 8, Today's Card

Today's card, the Ace of Pentacles, is the perfect companion for today's number, the 8. It's a solid card with a very positive message. It tells us that we need to do some work to get where we want to get, that our attention and intention are necessary to obtain the wonderful results that we are dreaming of. It's a sign that we are busy with long-term projects, new beginnings, something quite big like planning to buy a house, starting our own business or preparing for an important occasion or event. It is a great time to take care of our finances, our home and our own health and well-being. A new cycle is beginning, a very good one, full of great things that need our energy and attention. And we do have enough of those to give to our endeavours as long as we are willing to invest, making sure our lives can improve. They will considerably, once we do our best. #tarot #cards #cardoftheday #tarotlove #tarotgram #tarotdeck #tarotista #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcards #tarotdaily #tarocchi #cartadelgiorno #houseoftarot

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