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August 9, Today's Card

Today's card. The Cardinal from Steven D. Farmer's deck, addresses the imbalances between our mundane life and our spiritual one. One of the two has a more important role in our lives, right now, while both should be in perfect balance. We are either too busy with our idea of spirituality and are forgetting our physical part (taking good care of ourselves is a must, especially now!) or we're too taken by the practical matters and are neglecting our soul's nourishment. It's important to examine where the imbalances are and how they manifest, and to take action. Even if you're very busy with your daily chores a 10 minute meditation can bring you back in touch with your spiritual part. Wear crystals as jewellery or carry them in your pocket, especially grounding ones like garnet, hematite and tourmaline if you're too much 'all over the place'. And remember to smile. Nothing more grounding than a relaxed jaw on a smiling face. 😊#dailycard #dailycards #cardoftheday #tarot #houseoftarot #readersofinstagram #crystals #crystaltherapy #crystalhealing

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