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August 10, Today's Card

Today's card, Work from the Psy Cards deck, reminds us to focus on our work and on how that reflects on our sense of identity. Do we really like what we do or do we just see it as something that is necessary to earn a living? Do we feel part of a big machine that crushes our individuality or do we have the possibility to show and use our uniqueness and talents? Do we identify with our job, our company, our working environment? Is that something that - we think - defines us? Maybe it's time to reflect on this. We are not our work and our work is not us. What we do is just one of the many facets of who we are. If we don't like what we do, or don't like it completely, it might be time for a change. And if we do but we have neglected our occupation or haven't given it the right amount of attention, then it's time to focus and give it more energy. What we invest in it comes back to us with the exact same intensity. So if we want better results from what we do for a living then we might want to put more intention and focus into it. #cardoftheday #cards #tarotreadersofinstagram #crystals #psycards #ruby #garnet #jasper #kaartvandedag #kaarten #tarotkaarten #tarotgram

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