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August 15, Today's Card

Today's card, The Fool, speaks about responsibilities and other important things that we we might not be taking into sufficient consideration. Maybe we want change but we're afraid of it and we're not doing enough to make sure it occurs smoothly and easily. Maybe we are so worried about what is going on in our lives that we forget to lighten up a bit, and take things a little too seriously and personally. It could be either/or, or both. The Fool is there to remind us that there has to be a good balance between taking care of important things and not letting them become a source of stress and preoccupation. Are you willing to take some risks to change the things you don't like? If not, maybe it's time to analyse why that is and what your fears are. For those who are looking for more visibility, are you - deep in your heart - afraid of it? Here too it would be a good idea to see what is blocking you from shining your light the way you're supposed and deserve to. If you can't figure it out yourself ask a good friend what they think about the situation and listen carefully. They love you and they can see things from a healthy distance, without being directly involved in them as you are. #tarot #cards #cardoftheday #kaartvandedag #cartadelgiorno #tarocchi #tarotgram #tarotista #tarotlove #pietredure #pietredurenaturali #crystals #amethist #fluorite #sugilite #kristallen

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