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August 17, Today's Card

Today's card, the Ten of Water from the Da Vinci Enigma #Tarot makes me think of a façade, the one we put up when we want others to think everything's fine with us when it actually isn't, or not completely. It tells me of the issues we haven't dealt with or those that are half-solved. What is it that it's not completely taken care of? Which kind of "knots" in our souls haven't we untied yet? Where does that feeling of not being able to relax and enjoy a bountiful life come from? Maybe it's time to take care of the little big 'flies' that spoil our beautiful meal flying on our food. Like our thoughts, we can try to chase them away but they will stay to bother us until we open all the windows and doors to let them go. Such is our soul: until we tackle what makes us worry opening ourselves up for change and progression those annoying thoughts will stay. So let's have the courage to face our unsolved issues, today. Have a beautiful day. #tarotgram #tarotista #tarotlove #tarocchi #cards #cardoftheday #kaarten #kaartvandedag #cartadelgiorno #tarotcards

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