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September 1, Today's Card

Queen of Swords

Today's card, the Queen of Swords, is all about a transformation process we're going through which might seem tougher than it actually is. It's about trusting our own strength and ability to cope with change without letting it make us hard and embittered. It's going to take some courage and some fortitude but we're going to get through this period and be happy with the changes that will occur because we really need them. Staying positive is a must. If you need help in doing that use a very simple affirmation like "I am flexible and strong and all is well in my world". Be brave and tenacious, life will surprise you with the wonderful things that are awaiting you. 💜 #tarot #cardoftheday #cartadelgiorno #kaartvandedag #tarotgram #tarotlove #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarocchi #tarotdaily #tarotist #houseoftarot #crystals #hematite #smokeyquartz

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