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Sep. 4-10, Cards of the Week

Because of a very intense day at my cooking school starting to work at 8:30 in the morning and ending at one in the night for a cooking lesson first and a private dinner after I didn't really have time to prepare the weekend cards, so I'm making it up with three cards for the coming week. And what a great message that is! It is a very intense period of preparing new things, of being busy with new projects that require our love, passion and attention. And even if that means a lot of work we are ready to do that because we feel that this is going to bring great satisfaction and abundance. So do not slow down on what you're doing, on putting energy and love into your hobbies, work, family life, housing projects and whatever it is that makes you feel warm inside when you think about it. Make sure your projects get all the attention they need, especially when it comes to details. Don't expect everything to be finished tomorrow, it's a long-term project that you're busy with and it requires dedication, time and focus. If you can get any fresh Hyssop, Sorrel and/or Violet flowers add them to your salad. And if you cannot find them fresh use them in their dried form to prepare a healing herbal tea to help your digestion. We all have a lot to 'digest' these days - information, new things coming our way, ideas that need to be elaborated - and these beautiful herbs can help us doing that. Have a lovely Sunday.#tarot #cardsoftheweek #crystals #houseoftarot #tarotist #tarotgram #tarotreadersofinstagram #queenofpentacles #eightofpentacles #nineofcups #healingherbs #foodandtarot #tarotandfood #herbs

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