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September 5, Today's Card

Today's card, the Ten of Pentacles, is another beautiful, 'round' and 'full' card that speaks of completion, deep satisfaction and of taking care of ourselves and of our community equally well. It seems like we are definitely going for a win – win approach and that we are on a path of success and satisfaction. And like with some of the previous cards this also signifies a new beginning, a beautiful project that is supported by several people and it's destined to have a great outcome. If you're starting something new in this phase of your life make sure you complete everything that has to be finished so that you can be starting afresh with no loose ends to take care of. And remember to enjoy this sweet moment of trust in the Universe, knowing that you are provided with everything you need. Have a blessed day. #tarot #tarotist #tarocchi #tarotgram #tarotlove #cardoftheday #houseoftarot #crystals #feathers #tarotreadersofinstagram

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