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9-10 September, Weekend's Cards

This weekend's cards are quite strong and I'm feeling a bit of resistance while reading them. There is tension, there is the need for a radical change - the Death again! - and there is energy that doesn't really want to go where it needs to go, a lack of focus, maybe. These cards are a major wake-up call. It's like there is no time to waste for petty things because what we need right now is focus, attention to both details and the bigger view at the same time, courage to change what needs to be changed and to leave the past behind without regrets. It could be that we do not feel ready yet but the cards tell us we actually are. Maybe it's also time to contact somebody who is not being feeling that well lately and needs our support. It's important we do not let our busy lives and preoccupations interfere with taking care of those who need us, even if it's just with a phone call. Have a strong and yet compassionate weekend. #tarot #tarotlove #tarotista #tarotgram #tarotdeck #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcards #tarocchi #cardsoftheweekend #houseoftarot #crystals #amethyst

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