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20 September, Today's Card

Two cards today, from my new decks: Fire and Butterfly. It's a time of transformation and we can go through this period of major change by connecting with the fire inside, the one that burns in our belly, the passion inside of us. It's very important in this phase to feel what it is that really makes us enthusiastic and ignites our creativity and our joy. If it's a dull period where nothing really makes us happy and life seems boring and repetitive then it's definitely time to go and look for something that inspires us, that makes us feel alive. If we already have discovered what it is then it's time to incorporate this in our lives to swiftly and yet gracefully move through change like a butterfly during her first flight towards freedom and light. Have a luminous day. #cardoftheday #cards #kaartvandedag #cartadelgiorno #cartadeldia #crystals #citrine #citrinequartz #butterfly

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