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22 September, Today's Card

The Ace of Cups is here to remind us to open up to our feelings and to avoid being afraid of bringing our past into our present. If we've had negative experiences when showing our feelings - rejection or misunderstanding, for example - it could be that now we're very cautious for fear of making the same 'mistake'. It's never really actually a mistake to show our feelings, what it's important is to realise that misunderstandings and hurt are temporary and do not have to present themselves over and over again unless we expect them to. By doing that we call them back into our existence for the universal law that states 'Thoughts become things' so it's a wise thing to try and think only positive thoughts, today and always It could also be we are looking for love or recognition and we are bouncing them by not opening ourselves to receive what's coming to us. So today make sure you consciously open your heart chakra to let the sweetness of life pour in and out of it. If you need some help with this, meditate with a green crystal and/or carry it with you or on you to remind you that your heart is open to receive. Have a loving day. #tarot #crystals #tarotgram #tarotlove #tarotista #tarocchi #tarotcardoftheday #kaartvandedag #cartadeldia #cartadelgiorno #houseoftarot #greenfluorite #aventurine #aceofcups

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