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29 September, Today's Card

Today two cards: the first one jumped out of the deck when I was shuffling, the second one I chose with the intention of getting today's message for me and for those who read me. They seem quite contrasting and yet they are very complimentary. Salmon talks of determination, of keeping on doing what we're doing to go where it is that we want to go, even if we don't know why the way towards it is so difficult, at times. The other one, Dolphin, points out the importance of not taking ourselves and our path too seriously. This can only make things more difficult and block the flow of life so from time to time it's important to play and to relax even if we are busy building something, doing our things and getting somewhere. So today alternate focus and being playful, be sharp and yet able to relax and to let go. Have a great day. #cardoftheday #cartadelgiorno #cartadeldia #kaartvandedag #crystals #tarot #tarotgram

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