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3-Cards Reading for Week 15-21 March 2021

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

This weeks’ cards are the Two of Swords (in reverse), the King of Wands and the Eight of Pentacles (in reverse).


During the first couple of days of this week you’re stepping out of a feeling of oppression that might have accompanied you lately. A feeling of not having a choice, of having to go with rules imposed by others, and of not being free. The good news is: you’re always free! Even when circumstances make you think the contrary. Choose your timeline wisely, this week. Which means: did you know the Universe is holographic and not made of just ONE timeline? That there are several possible timelines, all simultaneous, and that you can consciously choose the one with the things you really want to manifest in your life?

If you choose to believe the mainstream narrative yes, you’re not free. If you instead use the mantra “In my timeline I’m always free to choose what’s best for me” – I repeat it all the time! - you will see miracles happen and possibilities pop up in your life, instead of feeling the limitations imposed by someone else. So choose your timeline wisely, as I already said, and keep your focus on staying grounded (dance! Walk! Sing! Make art! Cook! Etc etc etc, all great ways to stay grounded) and on taking good care of yourself and others. Near and far. Meaning: your extended community is as important as your family and friends. So be just and helpful with all. And remember to relax during the weekend! It’s really paramount to let go a little of your duties during the weekend and to enjoy life. After a week of taking care of your responsibilities you’ll feel a lot better if you have a bit of free time to do the things that make you most happy, with or without the people you love. Have fun!

Have a blessed week.


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