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3-Cards Reading for Week 22-28 March 2021

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

This weeks’ cards are the Three of Wands (in reverse), the Five of Swords and the Six of Pentacles (in reverse).


This week starts almost with a feeling of overwhelm: there’s SO MUCH going on right now that it’s impossible to follow it all! And that’s exactly what’s good for you this week: let go of the need of having it all under control, of knowing everything, of seeing the whole picture. Sometimes the lesson you need to learn is that… you simply cannot understand everything. Certain things are too big to be understood by the human mind, and sometimes it’s just too early to be able to see what’s really going on. So it’s important to make peace with that feeling. You are exactly where you need to be and even if certain things do not really make sense or seem frighteningly cryptic, you don’t need to show the world you’re always on top of everything. Sometimes it’s totally OK to feel a bit lost. What counts is that, deep inside, you know you’re always taken care of and protected by the Universe, the Angels, your Guides and your departed Loved Ones. This morning I was driving back home from a weekend outside of town and I was praying and sending love and light to the whole of Humankind because of the many people that are suffering, are in darkness and cannot see a way out. While I was doing that, a white feather gently floated in front of my car on the highway, coming from somewhere up there. To me, that’s always a sign that my prayers are being heard by the Angels and that I'm protected. Send your wishes and prayers to Heaven because, if they’re pure, they will be granted. You can be sure about that. Your material needs will be taken care of too. Let go of the fear of not receiving enough and you’ll have plenty. Focus on that, and on helping others who have less. The more you give, the more you’ll receive.

Have a blessed week.

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