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3-Cards Reading for Week 29 Mar. – 4 Apr. 2021

This weeks’ cards are the Six of Wands (in reverse), the Lovers (in reverse) and the Eight of Swords.


If you’ve ever had a feeling of not exactly moving forward and not seeing any substantial positive results deriving from your endeavours, it could be that this week brings it up again. The reassuring message, though, is: you’re going exactly where you need to go and even if your progress is slower than you would like, the feeling of restlessness it generates in you is just temporary. It’s a challenging period, no doubt about that, and I guess we’re all wondering where the hell we’re going and WHEN we’ll see a positive outcome out of what’s taking place in our lives right now. What we’re going through is actually supposed to happen exactly as it is to collapse certain systems and paradigms that do not work anymore, and this dismantling of structures can sometimes make you feel like the ground under your feet is very wobbly. In reality many things are still quite OK even if they don’t look like they are: it’s just a phase and this too shall pass. Let this be your mantra, this week: This too shall pass. Trust that your intuition will have you make the right choices. If you doubt about that, stop, breathe and recalibrate. That, too, is just a moment of uncertainty and breathing can and will have you see everything in a much more positive light.

The situation will definitely get a lot better soon. Just keep on going and on doing your thing with as much love and positivity as you possibly can. Try and do that with a winning mentality even if you see little of no result, right now. In about 8 weeks you’ll be starting to see some major improvements and you’ll understand why you had to go through such a feeling of being caught in a maze. It’s because you need it to grow, to develop as a human being and to learn certain important life lessons that will set you free from self-imposed limitations. If you feel like it’s all a bit too much, right now, don’t be afraid to reach out and to ask for support: you’re not alone and there’s always someone who can offer a shoulder to cry on and/or a helpful hand. The Universe and some of your fellow Humans are here for you, so make sure you remember that at all times and make good use of it.

Have a purposeful week!

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