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3-Cards Reading for Week 8-14 Mar. 2021

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

3 of Swords (in reverse), Ace of Cups (in reverse) and Queen of Cups.


This weeks starts with a sigh of relief: it's as if a weigh is falling off your shoulders and you're ready to start this chapter with renewed optimism. If lately you've felt like everyone was against you, you can start to breathe again. It's time to stop fighting and feeling hurt since nobody is deliberately trying to hurt you, you're doing most of it yourself. It's a good idea to open up your heart a little more: disappointments usually come from being afraid of getting hurt, which, of course, is the best way to manifest hurt (you attract what you're afraid of). This week I can see you're slowly considering opening up and trust again. You don't dare to jump in it completely, but you're thinking about it, which is already a big step forward for someone who's been so much on the defensive.

By the end of the week you'll be enjoyig life a lot more because you will have realised that over-reacting to what life throws at you is never a good idea. Relax, make yourself more approachable, have a drink with someone you love and enjoy a chill weekend. Have a great week!

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