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Taroscopes- August 2020

This is my Tarot horoscope for each sign.


ARIES, 7 of Cups: tell me your most secret dreams, Aries. What are all those crazy, wonderful, extravagant and sometimes sexy things you’re fantasising about? Are you really, really sure you want them all to manifest in your life? Could it be that deep down you know some of them would turn out to be totally useless if not even quite disappointing, or even plain dangerous for you and/or others? I know you’re one of the thrill-seekers of Western astrology, my dear Ram, but not all dreams are meant to become reality. Some are just better left in the Realm Of The Impossible Things Always Desired And Never Obtained. So if you’re wanting the lovely neighbour’s wife or somebody else’s job when you know they’re a lot better than you at doing it, maybe it’s time to put your wishful energy somewhere else. Ok, I’m being really cruel now, taking away some of your toys, so let me play Genie Of The Lamp for you: just keep one or two of those wishes (only realistic and integer ones, no cheating!), focus your intention, act upon it and I’ll make sure you get what you want. Voilà, magic is served!

TAURUS, The Moon (in reverse): what are you staring at, darling Bull? That elegant pink Moon is not going to come to you to be added to your crystals collection or cabinet of curiosities just like that, you know. If you want the Moon, you’ll have to make sure you earn it. So stop dreaming and start working! You’ve been postponing stuff often enough last month, so take action and choose the path you want to walk on wisely. You have a few options and they’re not all as good as they seem, so make sure you follow your gut feeling and do the right things. Avoid the easiest options: deep in your heart you know the most challenging situations are those that will give you the best chances to learn – and to obtain - something meaningful.

GEMINI, Five of Pentacles: hi there, little Butterfly! Why are you still hiding in your cocoon when it’s time to come out of it? You could be showing the World all of your beauty and yet you feel a bit insecure, maybe even all alone. Let go of that feeling and cheer up! Life is beautiful and you’re not isolated. Look around: there are plenty of people who are willing to enjoy the unique gifts you bring and to be charmed by your lovely self. Feeling left out, excluded, isolated is a weird feeling for a Gemini, huh? It really doesn’t rhyme with who you are so get rid of it by organizing a party with all the people you love and who make you happy, then toast with them to the beauty and perfection of life. It will give your mood a boost that will last for the whole month. And if it doesn’t, organize another one. Cheers!

CANCER, Three of Swords (in reverse): it feels like a heavy weight is falling off your shoulders and your heart, my dear Crab. If something or someone hurt your feelings in the past, now it’s time to let it/them go, forgive, forget and move on BIG TIME! There’s a lot more out there waiting for you so just grab it and enjoy it to its fullest. Choose a happy marching music and waltz out of sorrow waving your hands in the air! This month will see you smiling more often, regularly forgetting what being gloomy means and dancing your cute little ass off. Have a wonderful August, my dear!

LEO, Knight of Wands: Magnetism is your middle name, this month, my fierce Friend. Your energy is strong even when you’re tired because it’s fuelled by your internal fire which is pretty much full on. You attract people and situations like a magnet and are inspired and ready to do great things. Enjoy the attention you receive from others without letting it go to your head, though. You, my lovely Leo, have already the tendency to be a tad vane, so don’t revel in it too much. Acknowledge your value and, at the same time, be humble: this combination will make you even more irresistible. Use this month’s fire to do something good for yourself and your community. The energy you put into things will come back to you tenfold, so use it wisely. Have a loving August!

VIRGO, Six of Swords: you’re smoothly moving from one situation to another and even though this passage might still feel a bit weird (it’s just change, dear Virgo!) deep in your heart you know you’re going in the right direction. You’re guided and protected, my Friend, and even though you feel like you’re travelling towards a direction that is yet unknown, your journey is calm and serene. Trust the Universe and trust yourself. You know exactly what you want to make of your life, so listen to the voice inside and let it guide you. Lovingly forward, that’s your motto this month. Lots of love from me.

LIBRA, Nine of Wands (in reverse): after all the hard work you’ve done in the recent past it’s time to take a well-deserved break, my lovely Libra. Are you taking good care of yourself? If not, now it’s the time. Use this month to go back to a level of energy that regenerates itself. Let me explain this one: give energy only to positive, beautiful, constructive things and the energy will come back to you like magic, making you feel stronger and healthier. You don’t have to fight the windmills on your own like Don Quixote. First of all your life is not a battle but a beautiful, rich learning path. Secondly: you’re never alone. I guess you’ll learn this first hand, this month, because you’ll get so much support that you are really going to feel what it is to be loved. Love yourself by taking good care of your body and soul, receive the love that’s coming from others and enjoy this highly healing month!

SCORPIO, 2 of Wands: this card is a promise: your horizon is open and the possibilities are endless. It’s really up to you, my darling Scorpio, to make your dreams come true. What are you dreaming of? Do you feel like your plans for the near future are too wild even for a free spirit like you? Don’t be afraid: the road in front of you is totally open and there are no major bumps in sight. You can go and make things happen. Do what is required to manifest them and they will appear almost effortlessly. Almost, because you’ll have to put some energy into the process of physically shaping your dreams. “I do what I dream” is this month’s affirmation for you. Go and conquer!

SAGITTARIUS, 8 of Wands (in reverse): this month’s advice for you is: slow down a little and take better care of the details. I know it might not be easy for you, my darling Sagittarius, but it’s really important to pay a bit more attention to your innermost self and to how you feel, and that might require going a bit slower. Also check your means of transportation: choose them wisely, this month, and don’t get upset if you experience some delays in your journey toward wherever it is that you’re going, either physically, mentally or spiritually. This period really requires a gentler way of moving forward and that’s why the Universe is slowing you down, from time to time. You’ll still be moving! Also, don’t suppress your feelings trying to bypass the less pleasant situations faster: you’re supposed to experience them that way to learn a few important life lessons. So honour your feelings, be gentle on yourself and breathe! You are loved.

CAPRICORN, the Sun: you had this same card last month, but in reverse. What a wonderful progression, my lovely Capricorn! You’ll notice an improvement in your moods and general situation and that will create even more positive energy in your life. It’s called a virtuous circle and you’re right into it, my friend! So enjoy the ride and spend some time in the sun, if you can. It will help you recharge your battery and give you more energy to move forward in life. Your plans are developing beautifully so keep on giving them the attention they need, yet remember to take the necessary breaks and to enjoy life at its fullest. Right now you do not need to work really hard because you’re blessed with a positive wave that is easily bringing you where you want to go. So ride it and have fun!

AQUARIUS, Queen of Cups (in reverse): again a court card of cups, and again in reverse. You’re getting better at showing your feelings but there’s still some work to do. Don’t be afraid to be loved for who you really are! There’s no need to look like somebody else, you’re already beautiful and immensely charming so show your beauty and your true self without fearing rejection and judgement. That’s the only way to meet the right people for you, should you be looking for peers who share the same values in life and are in for a little Aquarian fun. Befriend water even more, this month, by dipping your gorgeous body in it more often. Whether it’s sea, streams, falls or your own good old bath-tub, have a splashingly fun August, my dear!

PISCES, Five of Wands (in reverse): time to get rid of some patterns that do not serve you anymore, my darling Pisces. What is it that is making your life more difficult than usual? What can you shed that is going to make you feel a lot lighter? You won’t have to fight, do not worry. This process can be a lot easier if you just take the time to examine your life and see what it’s not necessary that you can let go of. It might be a feeling of not being good enough, or the constant comparing yourself to others that sucks your energy and makes you feel down. Get rid of competition since it’s all in your head: you’re unique, there’s no-one like you and you don’t need to compare yourself to others. Shine your own light, my friend, and things will miraculously unblock! Have a luminous August!

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