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Taroscopes - July 2020

Please find my Tarot advice for each sign in July 2020.

ARIES, 5 of Cups (in reverse): I guess you’re really starting to see the glass half full instead of half empty, dear Aries. And to stop concentrating only on your belly button to look up and see that there are people around you. Surprise! You’re not alone! Isn’t that a comforting thought? A thin, almost impalpable veil of sadness is also falling off your shoulders, this month. What were you regretting before? A lost lover? A situation that’s long gone? A specific place? Whatever it was, now you’re ready for brilliant new beginnings. Just make sure you’re willing to see the silver lining that’s shining SO bright around those last, few clouds that still appear in your sky. They’re not the ones you want to focus on: the lining, my dear, the lining.

TAURUS, King of Pentacles: how fortunate that this card is one of the Taurus cards, my beloved Bull! To me, it’s a sign you’re totally in the flow. And what a solid authority it exudes! You’re finding new certainties and some pretty steady ground under your feet (something you ADORE, don’t you?), even though it might still feel a little wobbly. Don’t worry, it’s just your fear of losing what you have built in the last few years: things are going to be great for you, this month, and you’re going to consolidate certain aspects of your life and work in a way that will bear good fruit for a long time. Just relax, from time to time, and remember to have some fun. Life is not all work and responsibilities!

GEMINI, Devil: just like in June you’re probably feeling a certain itch, my dear Gemini. What is it exactly? Do you need more freedom? Is something, for example your relationship or some other situation, making you feel a bit trapped? Are you looking for thrills? It could be it’s just a feeling of discomfort towards certain obligations that do not convince you anymore. Whatever it is, remember that you always have the choice to step out of a position that doesn’t make you happy. Just make sure you think about those who are involved in the situation too, and try to make it win-win whatever you decide to do. Not always easy, right? But not impossible. Take it as a challenge. Knowing how brilliant your mind is, I’m pretty sure you’ll find an equally brilliant solution.

CANCER, Queen of Cups (in reverse): my darling Cancer, it’s SOOOO not like you but it feels like you’re really trying to protect what you feel in such a way that it’s making you a bit difficult to “reach” and quite harsh-looking (only from the outside: I know how “soft” you can be, dear). What is your concern, exactly? That you’re going to be hurt once again? If that’s the case, please rest assured that nothing or no-one can hurt you unless you allow them to do that. So what’s the advice for you, this month? Stay open to receive because there’s plenty coming for you, and it’s all good. You don’t want to miss out on that, do you? Big kiss from me.

LEO, the Strength: whoa, another astrologically perfect card like for Taurus, this month! Yes, Leo, this is YOUR card! And what a joy that is! Look at that Lion being lovingly petted by Miss Strength. I can really hear you purring loud, my darling friend. Leo season is coming and you’re already feeling its beneficial influence, just like a loving tickle under your royally bearded feline chin. Take it easy, this month. You don’t need to use brute force to obtain what you want since you’ve probably worked hard enough in the recent past: just enjoy a little rest and some gentle, loving care. What about a facial or a spa day? Or a relaxing weekend in nature with someone you love? I know you appreciate beauty and quality so go for it, suck the juice out of life as much as you can, this month, because that will make you even stronger and more attractive. Which, for you, is quite important, right? Enjoy a wonderful July, my dear.

VIRGO, Three of Pentacles: you’re going from last month’s Two of Pentacles to the Three of Pentacles which means improvements big time! I guess you’re finally starting to feel a certain “solidity” in your life, even though you know there are things that need to be adjusted and refined. Not a big deal, though: this can easily be done since there’s nobody more detail-oriented and focussed than you, my darling Virgo. Please don’t fall in the trap of thinking you have to do it all by yourself. I know it’s tough for you to ask for help but remember that you can always count on a few helpful people that really want the best for you. Look around: they’re right there! Have a great July!

LIBRA, Ace of Wands: what a surge of energy for you this month, Libra! If you don’t yet feel that you can obtain and manifest whatever you want, please start to do that NOW. This July you have a lot to give to yourself and others, so don’t hold back! The world needs some good old Libra energy channelled – by you - into something wonderful like guerrilla gardening, Earth peace manifesting or simply baking some kick-ass cakes and making a few people very happy. This is your “mission”, this month: disseminate beauty and joy and you’ll reap the abundant rewards of your loving actions. Have a powerful July, my dear! Just as powerful as you are.

SCORPIO, the World: oh what a beautiful card for you, my beloved Scorpio! Can you feel it? Can you feel the power of someone who’s centred, serene and grateful? (I’m talking about you, in case you didn’t notice.) I know being serene is not exactly a classic Scorpio thing, but please, do your very best to really feel and BE this state of bliss, my dear. This month gives you the wonderful chance to experience feeling “home” wherever you are and to show the World that you are doing great things, for yourself and for others. You’re in charge of your life, babe! And that probably gives you a sense of excitement that is really hard to describe. Not the usual sexy Scorpio thing, no. It’s something deeper, more profound and beautiful. Please, please, PLEASE, tell me you’re feeling it! If not, open yourself for this wonderful state and go shining!

SAGITTARIUS, Ace of Cups: halle-friggin-lujah! Something’s moving, my lovely Sagittarius, and that’s not your restless horsey legs! Hm, what could it be? Your heart, maybe? Well guessed! Ten thousand brownie points for you! Does it feel good? Can you experience those little twitches inside that make you feel you’re alive? Great, that’s exactly what July is doing for you, my dear friend. You ARE alive and your feelings are confirming that. You’ve been holding inside a lot, lately, compressing what you felt and not letting it be seen for the fear of being rejected, ridiculed or misunderstood. Now is the time to open up, blossom and be happy. Love ya!

CAPRICORN, the Sun (in reverse): my dear Capricorn, this month I really want you to focus on joy and on finding, loving and honouring your inner child. Can you do that? Can you be more playful, less serious, a little flirty and a lot happier? I can assure you this “policy” will make your life a lot more pleasurable and the people around you quite cheerful. Cultivate your sense of humour by letting go of that serious mask you like to wear so much and enjoy being silly, from time to time. It’s contagious, you know, and it will improve the atmosphere everywhere you go thus making you more loved and appreciated. And who doesn’t need a bit of love and admiration, from time to time? Have a sunny month!

AQUARIUS, King of Cups (in reverse): ok, ok, I know you Aquarians are COOL but hey, you certainly know how to exaggerate! This month it would be a good idea to let go of that chill attitude a bit and be a tad warmer, my dear Aquarius. I’d love to see you buying flowers and giving them to perfect strangers in the street, or singing out loud with your windows wide open, or even fiercely declare your immense appreciation to someone you love and/or admire. To hell with being Cool, for a month! Be a Fool instead! (there’s just a tiny letter of difference, right?) A lovely fool, of course. One that makes others happy and has them smile big smiles. Yes, you can, my dear! It’ll make you smile too and you’re OH so sexy when you smile!

PISCES, Four of Cups (in reverse): you’re getting there, my lovely Pisces friend! You want to know WHERE it is that you’re getting? Let me tell you: a place in which you’re more relaxed and less fixated on the things you haven’t reached or done yet. Doesn’t it feel great to be in the here and now? That’s where I really want to see you this month, my dear, while you enjoy life a bit more without worrying too much for all the things you still have to achieve. Practice the Attitude of Gratitude for what you already have and miracles will start happening. They’re all lined up for you, just waiting to manifest. Make sure you grab them by their fishy tail and make them yours. Kiss ya!

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