Taroscopes - June 2020

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

My very first Taroscopes! I got inspired by the lovely Patricia Weston and decided to give it a try.

Here’s the Tarot horoscope's advice for June 2020, sign for sign, based on the Tarot cards I drew.

ARIES, King of Pentacles: this seems a very rewarding month for you, Aries. Something in the financial sector is consolidating and you might feel abundant and comfortable like you haven’t felt in a long time. Don’t be your old stubborn self, though, because that might slow down the flow. Also make sure you do what’s necessary to bring things into motion and don’t just sit there and wait for stuff to happen. If you want great results, you’ll have to put some energy into your plans. All in all, this is a good month to take care of financial things, even if you might not yet have material proof that you’re in a safe place. Trust your gut feeling, do what you need to do and you’ll manifest the abundance you deserve.

TAURUS, Knight of Cups: if in the recent past you’ve happened to be VERY cautious in the matters of the heart, Taurus, this month will make you feel bolder and definitely more daring. You’ll actually will not dread feeling some good old feelings as you usually do, but will happily jump into them head first, something which is quite unusual for you, my little stoic, philosophical friend. Funny to see how liberated your heart will be in June and how much you’ll enjoy opening it again after a very long time of keeping it super protected. Go for it, babe! Get yourself out there and FEEL!

GEMINI, Ace of Wands: what an energy, Gemini! And what a sex drive, woohoo! June is your month and you’ll feel frisky and full of zing. There are many possibilities of growth and expansion in every field, so take advantage of this period! You’re going to be very creative and fertile (also from a sexual point of view, so make sure you take precautions if you don’t want any offspring…) and you’ll have plenty of possibilities to make great things happen. Go! Go! Go!

CANCER, Nine of Pentacles: like your friend Aries, my little Crab, during this month you’re going to experience what trusting the Universe really means. You’ll feel poised, comfortable in your own skin and MAJORLY in charge. Enjoy, Cancer, because it’s not something you get to experience quite often! 😉 Reap the rewards of your serenity and spend time in nature, if you can, and with those you love and trust. You’ll feel even better and will recharge your batteries completely so that you’ll be totally ready for an electrifying Summer!

LEO, King of Cups: dear Leo, this month you’re blessed with a cool, calm and collected lovingness which, for a fiery beast like you, is quite a wonderfully heart-expanding experience. You’ll feel serenely detached from all drama – something new! - and yet compassionate and caring. Make sure you don’t get TOO distant and dispassionate, though, and stay available for those who have gotten used to counting on you. Remember to take good care of yourself first since that’s the only way you’ll have enough strength and balance to healthily cater to other people’s needs without depleting your own energy. Take long, warm baths with scented oils to keep this zen-like state going and enjoy this wonderful month!

VIRGO, Two of Pentacles: if there’s ONE thing you hate, Virgo, it’s not knowing where you’re going and that, I’m afraid, is exactly where you’re standing, this month. But not to worry! Even though you might sometimes feel like your life is getting you nowhere, this phase is teaching you some important lessons, one and most important of all being: you’re exactly in the right place at the right time. And you’re definitely going somewhere, even though you feel no real sense of direction. Trust that your strong, clear mind will guide you through this maze and stay focused. You’ll soon find that the wobbly road you’re on is taking you somewhere beautiful.

LIBRA, The Sun: wow, what a great month this is for you, Libra! You’re finally feeling a sense of contentment, an almost childlike light-heartedness that makes you forget some of the less pleasant experiences of the past. The Universe supports you fully and it’s giving you signs that you can trust the direction you’re following. Spend some time with younger people, this month, and/or nurture your inner child. It’s going to bring even more joy to your life and make you feel like you’re on a happy carousel ride.