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Wat je niet leert with Nellie Benner

Recently I did a reading for Dutch presenter Nellie Benner during the recording of her podcast "Wat je niet leert". The theme of this podcast was "Taking risks" (Risico's nemen) and I showed her how Tarot can help you make important choices without having to be blocked or ill-influenced by fear.

My approach is of a psychological type (no future telling) in the sense that I help people to look inside and to feel and discover how they want to CREATE their future, what they want to manifest next and how to do that. I love to help people with making choices and taking the next step by understanding where they're standing so that they can move forward. That's, to me, the great added value of Tarot. If you'd like to listen to this podcast (in Dutch) you can do so at this link: Wat je niet leert: risico's nemen.

And if you wish to book a reading or a personal coaching session with me, you can do it here.

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