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3-cards Reading for Week 1-7 Feb. 2021

WEEK Feb. 1-7, 2021

This week’s card are the 3 of Swords (in reverse), the 4 of Pentacles (in reverse) and the 5 of Swords from the Muse Tarot.

After a few intense days last week (the Full Moon of Jan. 30 could have brought up some unpleasant stuff that was “hidden” inside of you and that you might have wished it had stayed where it was…) it looks like you will start to trust more. (READ FURTHER UNDER THE PHOTO)

A certain feeling of betrayal, of being left alone in the cold you might have experienced last week is probably ebbing away. If last week you’ve been avoiding other people and kept your human contacts to a minimum for fear of being highly disappointed and because of feeling somewhat uncomfortable, maybe even unhappy even when alone, this week you’re going to be more trusting and you’re opening up to let others “get in” your space, whether it’s physical, mental or both.

Just make sure you’re really open towards other people’s input since you run the risk of not listening to them because of being completely taken by that “me, me, me!” thing going on in your head. Taking care of yourself is good, just make sure you don’t forget to take care of others while doing that. Be kind and generous and, if you can, avoid criticism and looking down on certain people that might irritate you and “offend” your intelligence. Not everybody is ready to grasp things that you’ve already understood and digested, so be patient with those who are still “behind”.

Have a great week!

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