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3-cards Reading for Week 15-21 Feb. 2021

This week’s cards are the Death (in reverse), the 4 of Cups (in reverse) and the King of Pentacles.

It feels like it’s really time to let go of stuff you’ve been resisting giving up, and to put your energy and thoughts into something else.


It’s been a lengthy process with a lot of inner struggle, and this week you can finally feel the resistance ebb away to leave place for a sense of acceptance of what’s new, whether it has already shown its beautiful face or not. Deep inside you are starting to feel that what’s coming is going to be good, and really trust that it will bring you great things, making it a bit easier to let go of the past. You might be still attached to certain things that need to be released, and I totally understand the fight to let them go but… what if I told you that what’s coming REALLY is a lot better? It’s just a matter of time – about 2-3 months? – and you’ll able to see that with great clarity.

Can you already see what’s looming at the horizon? Or are you still too concentrated on what you’re desperately trying to keep in your life, afraid to let it slip out of your grip to find yourself holding just a handful of dust? Look around and you’ll see the new possibilities that are arising. You might have ignored them until today because you were focused only on what’s always been there, unaware of the fact that much more is awaiting you. Can you see them now?

Don’t worry about not having enough time for this change: you get to choose the pace that suits you best. I’m pretty sure you already know, deep in your heart, that everything is going to be fine. Trust yourself – you can totally do this – and trust that the Universe has your back: your faith will be amply rewarded. Deck: Voyager Tarot.

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