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3-Cards Reading for Week 5-11 April 2021

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This week I’m using a lovely Lenormand deck and the cards are: 18 Dog, 30 Lilies and 28 Gentleman.

This week is all about relationships with friends and (future) lovers. Make them a priority and especially during the first part of the week show your loyalty and affection: it will be rewarded by abundant love and warmth in return.

Opening up to love is super important, this week. If you think you’re not worth it, you’re not ready, you’re not good enough, use a positive affirmation to change that: you ARE worthy of love, and you totally deserve being appreciated as you are. You might want to use: “I deserve the best, and I accept the best now” so that not only you declare your readiness to receive, but also to receive the VERY BEST. Don’t limit yourself: if you’re looking for a wonderful life companion, some true and good friends, a new home, a better job or anything else, be ready to receive the best by opening up to the gifts the Universe has in store for you. Only then will you actually be prepared to collect them. The best is awaiting you, don’t leave it in the realm of possibilities, make it a reality! You deserve a wonderful home, a passionate and loving partner, a better pay, a more rewarding and fulfilling position, great loving friends, and whatever else you might desire. Just get in RDM (Receiving and Deserving Mode), do a little visualizing (see yourself happy and thankful as if your wishes had already been granted) and nothing will stop you from receiving what’s ALREADY yours.

Have a great week!

UPDATE: this week I found a wonderful new life companion, my cat Gerrit. :)

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