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3-Cards Reading for Week 8-14 Feb. 2021

WEEK 8-14 Feb. 2021

This weeks’ cards are the King of Cups, the Page of Pentacles (in reverse) and the Four of Pentacles (in reverse).


This week we’ll have to learn how to be more in touch with our feelings. We’re in a phase of change and it can be scary. Fear is usually a major trigger that makes us disconnect from our feelings and be all over the place (read: be ungrounded). Fear of change kicks in and that’s it: we’re busybusybusy, trying to keep our minds and our bodies engaged and to ignore our feelings.

The whole planet and the totality of humankind are shifting, right now. We’re moving from a 3D reality to a 5D one and for some of us things can look – and feel – unsafe and threatening. This week we’re facing this simple challenge: we have to learn how to feel our emotions, to feel the fear and to transform it into something a lot better. Like creativity, for example. Avoid focussing on the things that you might feel are slipping away, for example in your work. Remember they'll be replaced by something way better. Aim to giving attention to what you can create out of this situation, to which new things are coming to the surface, to the positive aspects of it all. Things you might have ignored until today that offer great opportunities.

Think outside of the box and use this unique opportunity we’re being offered to manifest something new and great in your life. But to get there, you'll have to feel what’s worrying you. You have to do that without trying to detach from it. Look at it in the eyes and see that… it’s only change. And change can be hugely good, if you manage to navigate it positively. So examine what’s changing in your life ,this week, and open your heart to new, fabulous possibilities!


Use this simple technique to ground yourself, to be more “in your space”: take 7 long, deep breaths and after each inhalation wait before exhaling until you’ve felt your heart beat 4 times in your chest. If you can’t feel it, it’s a good idea to do this until you clearly start perceiving its beating. Only then will you really be in touch with your heart and, thus, with your feelings. Do this sitting down because it might make you a bit dizzy.

Have a great week!

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