Taroscopes - April 2021

ARIES, The Justice (in reverse):

April gives you a chance to look at how you approach what you do, my dear Aries. The Justice wants you to examine where and when you make justifications for your behaviour. Isn’t it time to go through life with a clear gaze towards the future, plus a real knowledge of the present and of what makes you tick? Without ifs and buts, without excuses of any sort? What I mean with that is: this month, observe how you move and how you react, impact and interact. What’s your behaviour in the presence of injustice and inequality? Can you speak up and let your voice be heard or do you follow the stream for fear of being seen as “different”? Are you really walking your talk? Do you live in accordance to your deepest values or do you bargain some of your integrity for, say, safety, structure or status?

If the answer is positive: congratulations! If it’s negative, this month will give you the opportunity to re-evaluate important aspects of your life and then to choose to live accordingly. Have a wise month, my dear!

TAURUS, Seven of Pentacles (in reverse):

Postponement is your middle name, my friend, and this month that part of you needs some attention. There are things that cannot be delayed anymore and you know exactly what I’m talking about. I know, you have so many other things to do, all of which give you A LOT more joy, but the boring ones need to be accomplished too. So please, get up a little earlier each day, open the windows, let some fresh air get in and then dive into all the stuff you’ve left lying around, literally and figuratively, for months. A little mind and space clearing – yes, the mind gets a lot clearer too when you remove some mess from your life! - will make you feel so much better and will give you more energy to invest in the things you love. So roll up your sleeves, get yourself a bucket and a mop and get going!

GEMINI, The Magician (in reverse):