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Taroscopes - April 2021

ARIES, The Justice (in reverse):

April gives you a chance to look at how you approach what you do, my dear Aries. The Justice wants you to examine where and when you make justifications for your behaviour. Isn’t it time to go through life with a clear gaze towards the future, plus a real knowledge of the present and of what makes you tick? Without ifs and buts, without excuses of any sort? What I mean with that is: this month, observe how you move and how you react, impact and interact. What’s your behaviour in the presence of injustice and inequality? Can you speak up and let your voice be heard or do you follow the stream for fear of being seen as “different”? Are you really walking your talk? Do you live in accordance to your deepest values or do you bargain some of your integrity for, say, safety, structure or status?

If the answer is positive: congratulations! If it’s negative, this month will give you the opportunity to re-evaluate important aspects of your life and then to choose to live accordingly. Have a wise month, my dear!

TAURUS, Seven of Pentacles (in reverse):

Postponement is your middle name, my friend, and this month that part of you needs some attention. There are things that cannot be delayed anymore and you know exactly what I’m talking about. I know, you have so many other things to do, all of which give you A LOT more joy, but the boring ones need to be accomplished too. So please, get up a little earlier each day, open the windows, let some fresh air get in and then dive into all the stuff you’ve left lying around, literally and figuratively, for months. A little mind and space clearing – yes, the mind gets a lot clearer too when you remove some mess from your life! - will make you feel so much better and will give you more energy to invest in the things you love. So roll up your sleeves, get yourself a bucket and a mop and get going!

GEMINI, The Magician (in reverse):

Do you have the feeling you’ve been working all your magic and using all of your tricks in the recent past? And has that gotten you a bit demotivated and uninterested, my darling Gemini? Moreover: did the recent emotional rollercoaster leave you tired and uninspired? If Yes is the answer then it’s definitely time to rediscover your sparkle and to use it wisely! There’s a lot more in you than you think, my dear, something you can use for yourself and for others. Can you see it? Look in your treasure chest once again: if you thought it was empty, you’ll discover that there’s something more, hidden under a piece of cloth. Yes, your magic wand! You still have your mojo, so re-own it by speaking your abracadabra without fear of looking silly (mostly to yourself) and make it work. Use a positive affirmation like: “I make magic happen whenever I want to” (you can also make up your own one), wave your wand and be ready to notice the results! Don’t be afraid of your power. You got it for a reason and the reason is: you have to use it to do and create good. What a waste it would be if you didn’t! Have a magical month, my friend.

CANCER, Nine of Wands (in reverse):

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, at last! If you’ve been feeling tired and drained in the recent past, you’ll be a lot stronger and more stable this month, my darling Crab. You’re slowly moving towards a much better time and that’s very well earned. So be gentle with yourself, this April. You need time to recover from your recent battles, and deserve some rest. Maybe it’s a good idea to withdraw in your shell for a while like a little hermit crab, taking good care of your wounds and your slightly bruised spirit. What about a good massage and then a warm bath with essential oils? With some soothing music on the background? And some long walks in nature, alone or with a faithful companion? I’m asking you: what is self-care for you? If you haven’t discovered it yet, maybe it really is time to go and reflect upon that. Let this month be the one you find out what’s really good for you and you start applying it to yourself!

LEO, Five of Cups:

This month could bring you the necessity to reflect and tune into more positive thoughts, my darling Leo. Stop looking at what you haven’t reached yet and focus on being grateful. Practicing the Attitude of Gratitude can make you feel so much better! Count your blessings and give thanks. To the Universe, the Angels, your Guides, but most of all: yourself! It’s your strength and stamina that make you a successful person so don’t deny yourself that recognition. This month, your usually formidable winner’s attitude could go a bit lukewarm. Make sure you look at life with optimism and focus on progress instead on what you’re leaving behind or what’s lost. Remember: things and people who aren’t with you anymore, weren’t meant to last. All things happen for a reason, even if you can’t see that, right now. Time will show you what that reason is, so don’t waste any by trying to understand why in this very moment. You’re still full of vitality, so use it well, my friend!

VIRGO, Six of Swords:

For someone who likes to have everything under control like you, my dear Virgo, this month is going to bring some very unexpected surprises. I guess you might be finally starting to trust the Universe and the path it is bringing you on. You still cannot see where you’re going but, very deep inside, you know it can’t be wrong. You’re being led towards something nice, and strong, and beautiful. Just like you. And you can feel that, inside you stomach, in your cells, in your DNA. Be ready to transform, and to show all your beauty. This month will give you great chances to do so.

LIBRA, Three of Pentacles:

Your work isn’t finished yet, Libra, and you know it. Your perfectionism can be tempered, though. Make sure you wrap up all that is still in progress, make it as beautiful as you like, my aesthete friend, and then drop the need to make it perfect. “Perfect” doesn’t exist, not even in your mind, so let it go and apply your energy to more practical things, this month. It feels like you might want to do something creative, something with your hands. If you don’t have a hobby yet, find one. It might bring you that sense of calm and fulfilment you have been looking for, and for a long time.

SCORPIO; The Empress (in reverse)

Time to go out of the house more, my Scorpio friend, or you risk becoming a bit of a hermit! I know you love your comfort and peace but your presence is required out there, and you also need the energy that comes from being outside of your comfort zone. You might discover some interesting people and even make some new friends. You could also use some sunshine and a bit of brisk walking in the fresh air. Can you do that? Don’t go lazy and use this month to (re)gain a physical but most of all a mental shape that is going to give you more energy for all the things you have in store. Have a fab month!

SAGITTARIUS, Three of Wands (in reverse):

April is going to be a month of discoveries for you, my beloved Sag. What’s out there for you? I know you love and need the excitement and the thrill of new things so it’s really time to come out of your shell, shed those little remaining bits of winter from your shiny fur and get going! Don’t pose any limitations to what you can discover this month: you might be surprised by the scope of the new things, people and situations that come your way. Welcome them with open arms and dive into the excitement! Don’t be afraid to be disappointed or hurt, and you won’t be! Have a thrilling month!

CAPRICORN, The Judgment (in reverse):

For you too, my dear Capricorn, this month presents some fear-based challenges and I’m pretty sure you’ll have the courage to face them and win! It really is time to dare to uncover what you think are some of your darkest secrets. Stuff that you’ve been afraid to show the world for fear of being judged No need to worry! Let me bring you some relieving news: you’re human! I know it might sound impossible to you but yes, you’re part of this wonderfully imperfect – yet totally perfect – race, the human one. So it’s better to accept your “shortcomings” and see yourself in all your beauty! Indeed: this month I really want you to work on loving yourself more. What about using a nice little affirmation to help you with that? For example “I love myself exactly as I am, and I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself”. Try it: you’ll love it – and yourself – with it!

AQUARIUS, Queen of Wands:

What an energy for you this month, Aquarius! Can you feel it? It’s strong, and yet cool (very important for you, I know). It’s fiery and yet controlled. It’s TEMPERED. That’s the word that comes to my mind right now: you’re like hot glass becoming tempered and transforming into something a lot stronger. Use this heat and strength for some positive deeds. Give it to others too, don’t keep it just for yourself. It’s very much needed and it can contribute to creating more constructive feelings and thoughts in those around you. To stay centred in that positive mood, get yourself some blue flowers. They will help you keep gentle and relaxed while exerting your power with maximal serenity. Which, in others words, mean you’ll stay focused and grounded. Have a powerful month, my dear!

PISCES, The World:

What else do you need, my Pisces friend? It seems like you’ve already got it all! Does it feel like that, can you grasp what a blessed phase you’re in right now? Or are you still focussing on what you “miss”? If that’s the case, I really want you to concentrate on all that you’ve reached in the past few months. On the gloriousness of who you are and of how you express yourself. It seems like you’ve become more open, trusting and self-confident. Like you feel at ease, and at the right place at the right moment, all the time. Isn’t that a great feeling? Rejoice and enjoy it. You deserve it.

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